Why do we need DeCanto?

Decanting aerates a wine, allowing it to “breathe”. The decanter also mimics the effects of swirling wine in the glass in order to stimulate the movement of molecules in the wine, thereby triggering the release of more aroma compounds. It is widely held that wine benefits further from the smoothing of some of the harsher aspects such as tannins

How does it work?

DeCanto is a hand-held acrylic device employing the Bernoulli Principle, that as the speed a fluid increases, so its pressure falls. Decrease the pressure of a wine and it becomes easier to infuse more air in less time.

If you pour wine from the bottle through DeCanto directly into a wine glass, you will hear the accelerating siphoning of air into the stream, a nice party-trick effect combining science and life pleasures!

Taste the difference: new and fuller flavors. Shorter wait and less clean-up than traditional decanting.

And best of all, you can take your DeCanto to your favorite restaurant and enjoy the wine at its best!


  • My DeCanto wine aerator with chrome ring
  • No-drip stand
  • Filter
  • Velvet travel pouch
  • Gift box
  • Box Dimensions:
    7.5 cm x 8.0 cm x 22.5 cm
  • Weight: 520 g